About Us

Syel Jewels is a French jewelry label born in the Champagne region of France, in 2018.
Its founder, Eléonore Prodon, has always been passionate by art and jewelry.
Over the years, and after working indifferent fine jewelry companies, she developed the desire to create her own company, with her own values and designs.
Throughout her many travels around the World, she discovered gemstones and their various meanings and uses, and decided to explore this path.
After thinking about it for a couple years, she finally decided to launch Syel Jewels, which is inspired by her travels as well as her love for nature, art, yoga and spirituality.
Syel Jewels is a brand that offers qualitative limited editions combining meaningful gemstones and sterling silver and/or gold plated (3 microns) pieces.
We engage ourselves to provide beautiful pieces that have been handmade with love and ethics by our craftsmen.
Being concerned about the environment, we also limit our waste and offer minimal, vegan and reusable packaging.
Any question? Please email us at hello@syeljewels.com x
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