What is Crystal Healing?

We know what crystals are. We know many of their different aspects, colors, names… We may even have heard about their healing properties, but what is it really about? What is crystal healing?

crystal properties

Crystals have different energetic vibrations, ranging from high to low. And these vibrations can have curative effects on the physical body as well as emotions and mental.

In fact, crystals have been used as healers over centuries. Crystal healing therefore aims at balancing and harmonizing energies in the body, mind and spirit.

But how does crystal healing really work?

It is pretty simple. Usually, the person will « wear » the crystals (in jewelry, or in their pocket), or place them over specific parts of the body, depending on what needs to be healed or balanced.

If you choose to place the crystal on your body, it then has to be placed once or twice a day for about 15-20 minutes, and cleanse after each use.

Crystal healing can also be used according to the different chakras. We are then talking about chakra healing, and we’ll most likely choose the healing crystal according to its color.

Indeed, each chakra has its own color, and crystals of the same colors are said to help purifying and balancing this chakra.

For chakra healing, the crystal is placed on or near the chakra itself for about 20 minutes as well, which will help recharge the subtle body.

The most important now is to find out which crystals are appropriate in your specific case and needs. As you can see on the image below, each crystal has different meanings and properties, and they are all linked to different chakras and zodiacs.

You can of course use a crystal to heal different issues, just like you can use several crystals. Each person is different and feels differently.

In our case, we love Larimar for its links to the throat, heart, third eye, solar plexus AND crown chakras! It helps relieving head and heart energies as well as works on sensations such as fear or depression. Very much connected to the element of Water, is has a soothing, comforting effect on its wearer.

Moonstone is obviously also one of our favorites, for its Yin and feminine aspect as well as its connection to the Moon. Moonstone is known to heal emotional traumas and  anxiety, as well as relieve Women's menstrual pains and help them during their pregnancy.

We will make sure we cover different aspects of crystal healing and the various crystals you could benefit from.

crystals properties

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